Each custom wig is hand crafted and machine sewn one by one to fit comfortably and securely. It's the perfect easy-on, easy-off, everyday confidence booster. Ready to wear & transform your look in an instant.  

✔ Hours of handcrafted expertise from members of our in-house professional wig design team

✔ Can be professionally colored to any color

✔ Just like your own hair - shampoo, flat-iron, curl , wand or roller set  

✔ Made with breathable, comfortable mesh wig caps

Includes preplucked, natural hairline, optional bleached knots, and baby hair for a flawless natrial look

✔ All wigs will have an elastic band, adjustable straps & combs to allow for an easy adhesive- free fit

✔ This wig is custom made for you and you ONLY!