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About us

Buttah Baby Hair Imports - OVER A Decade of Ethical Elegance, Confidence, and Empowerment

In the heart of Flowood, Mississippi, nestled among the bustling streets and vibrant culture, a haven of beauty and empowerment has flourished for nearly a decade. This haven, known as Buttah Baby Hair Imports (BBHI), is more than just a luxury wig and hair extensions business; it's a symbol of elegance, confidence, and transformation.

Founded over a decade ago by Che Mcgilberry, a graduate of Jackson State University, BBHI is the culmination of a lifetime spent in the world of beauty and hair. Growing up in the warm embrace of her mom's hair salon, Che developed an intimate understanding of the profound impact that hair has on one's sense of self. The journey that began in childhood has blossomed into a mission-driven enterprise, fueled by a commitment to ethical excellence and consumer empowerment.

A Passion Born in the Salon:
Steeped in the ambiance of hair salons, Che acquired a deep-rooted appreciation for the art of hairdressing and its transformative potential. This early exposure ignited a lifelong passion for the craft and a deep connection to the heart of the beauty industry.

A Quest for Quality and Truth:
It was during this journey that Che recognized a troubling truth – the scarcity of quality hair and the prevalence of misleading practices within the hair extension market. Armed with the knowledge and integrity learned in the salon, Che embarked on a mission to redefine the luxury hair industry.

Championing Ethical Sourcing and Transparency:
At BBHI, our journey is deeply intertwined with Che's mission to educate consumers about the truths of luxury hair extensions and wigs. Armed with the understanding that beauty extends beyond appearances, Che traversed the globe to ensure that every strand of hair is ethically sourced, and every product carries the mark of authenticity.

A Decade of Empowerment:
Over the past ten years, BBHI has served as a catalyst for transformation. Through our meticulously crafted wigs and hair extensions, individuals have rediscovered their confidence, embraced their unique beauty, and embarked on journeys of self-discovery.

Building a Community of Empowerment:
Beyond the storefront, BBHI has forged a community united by a shared pursuit of empowerment and authenticity. It's a space where stories are woven, connections are fostered, and self-expression flourishes.

Looking Ahead:
As we celebrate a decade of ethical elegance, confidence, and empowerment, LuxeLocks remains steadfast in our commitment to excellence. We envision a future where BBHI continues to be a beacon of authenticity in an industry often marred by misconceptions.