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BBHI Custom Wig Terms & Conditions

At Buttah Baby Hair Imports (BBHI), we hold you in the highest regard. Your role is of immense value to us, and we deeply appreciate the significance you bring to our business. Recognizing the importance of encapsulating the true essence of your personality in every custom wig we craft, each hairpiece we present, and every product we offer, this contract is meticulously designed to provide you with our unwavering guarantees and the utmost level of protection.

We kindly request you to carefully read this agreement before completing your purchase. If any aspect of the agreement is unclear or raises questions, we invite you to seek clarification. Our sincere hope is that by adhering to the terms outlined in this agreement, both you (the Buyer) and BBHI (the Company) can establish a strong foundation for a continued and positive relationship. Together, we are the Parties to this Agreement, working collaboratively to create your new wig, and, optimistically, partners in a long-lasting relationship well into the future.

We understand that unexpected circumstances can arise, and we want you to know that we are here to support you. If there are any concerns about your ability to adhere to this Agreement, please know that we extend our best wishes and hope for a positive outcome. As always, we are committed to finding a solution that works for everyone involved

1. Nonrefundable Nature of Custom Products:

1.1 The contractual agreement herein establishes that custom wigs, distinguished by their unique and personalized nature, are irrevocably deemed nonrefundable upon initiation of the production process, encompassing all associated expenditures related to material acquisition and labor.

2. Guarantee of Fit:

2.1 While due diligence is exercised by our craftsmen to achieve precision in the creation of each custom wig, it is expressly acknowledged that an absolute guarantee of an exact fit is unattainable. Variability in head shapes and sizes necessitates potential, albeit minor, adjustments for optimal comfort.

3. Payment Structure:

3.1 Antecedent to the commencement of the custom wig production process, clients are mandated to remit complete payment.

4. Production Policy:

4.1 The stipulated estimated production timeline for custom wigs shall be communicated post-order confirmation. While earnest efforts are exerted to adhere to the said timeline, unforeseen exigencies may transpire. In such instances, clients shall expeditiously receive notification regarding any incurred delays.

4.2 Clients are strongly advised to furnish comprehensive details, encompassing preferences, and specifications, at the onset of the order to facilitate an unimpeded production process.

5. Storage and Pick-Up Policy:

5.1 Custom wigs upon completion shall be stored for a maximum duration of 30 days after the notification of readiness. Clients bear the responsibility of prompt retrieval within this stipulated period. Past the 30-day threshold, a storage fee may be levied, the item will be forfeited and will become the property of Buttah Baby Hair Imports. No refund will be offered. BBHI will not agree to retain items for pickup indefinitely.

6. Chemical Service Disclaimer:

6.1 Clients are hereby forewarned that chemical services, inclusive of, but not limited to, color treatments, possess the potential to modify the texture and integrity of the wig. Buttah Baby Hair Imports proffers no warranty for the equivalent longevity or performance of chemically treated wigs in comparison to their untreated counterparts.

7. Communication Protocols:

7.1 Clients are under the legal obligation to adhere to timely communication throughout the phases of customization, production, and pick-up. Delays in responses, approvals, or decisions may impact the overall timeline and outcome of the custom wig.

8. Alterations and Adjustments:

8.1 Clients are vested with the entitlement to petition alterations within the initial 14 days post-delivery sans incurring supplementary charges. After this temporal demarcation, any modifications solicited may be susceptible to associated fees.

9. Credit/ Debit Card Policy:

9.1 Buyer represents and warrants that (i) the credit card information supplied is true, complete, and correct (ii) charges incurred by the Buyer will be honored by the Buyer’s credit card company and (iii) Buyer shall pay any charges incurred by Buyer at the amounts in effect at the time incurred, including all applicable taxes and fees and (iv) Buyer will not cancel any credit cards on file with BBHI during the pendency of this Agreement. Buyer shall be responsible for all charges incurred through the use of credit card authorization to the Company.

9.2 In the event of a payment reversal initiated by the client, Buttah Baby Hair Imports retains the legal prerogative to contest said payment reversal. Successful resolution of such dispute facilitates the restitution of any fees incurred during the chargeback process. Chargebacks bear the potential to detrimentally impact our commercial interests, and clients are vehemently dissuaded from instigating such actions devoid of prior direct communication to address concerns.

These legally binding terms and conditions, inclusive of the storage and pick-up policy and chemical service disclaimer, govern the contractual relations between clients and Buttah Baby Hair Imports concerning custom wig services. By electing to proceed with an order, clients expressly acknowledge and agree to the terms enumerated herein.