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Letter from our Founder

Buttah Baby Hair Imports Founder Che McGilberry
Hey gorgeous,

Step into my world for a moment – a world where beauty isn't just a word; it's a language of empowerment, a symphony of authenticity. You know, back in 2012, when I took my first steps into the virgin hair business, little did I know it was the beginning of a journey that would transform lives, including mine.

Fast forward to 2014, jokingly, I toyed with the idea to open our flagship store in a tiny 200 square foot space. At the time, I was selling alot of hair online and meeting in parking lots during my lunch breaks.Business was booming so what was there to lose? I had no idea where I was heading with this business that seemingly fell in my lap. Afterall, I had just completed my MBA program and was at the height of my hospitality management career.

I wasn't just opening a store; I was opening the doors to empowerment, to the celebration of your unique beauty.When the flagship storefront opened it marked the birth of a new era in Mississippi's luxury hair extensions scene. (Yes, we're the trendsetters in town.)

Balancing a full-time job while breathing life into the new storefront was an everyday challenge when we first opened. It was an endeavor fueled by passion, driven by ambition, and held together by sheer determination. Those were the days of building our legacy, and the echoes of that dedication resonate in every corner of BBHI.

Now, let's talk about celebrity style. Our hair extensions have a bit of a star studded reputation. Yep! Celebrities and TV personalities have danced under the spotlight with our creations, turning heads and setting hearts ablaze. It's surreal, knowing that a touch of BBHI has been part of their stories.

 But it's more than just the glam; it's the stories. Over the past ten years, BBHI has been witness to countless transformations. It's the cancer survivors finding their strength and identity once again, it's the brides radiating beauty on their special day, it's the professionals conquering the boardroom with a newfound sense of empowerment. Our brand has played a role in these stories of triumph, and that's a legacy that fills my heart with pride.

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 Now, let's talk about something super special – the soul behind your strands. I'm not just a business owner; I'm your luxury hair globe-trotter! I jet-set to ensure every strand is ethically sourced, meeting the highest standards of luxury and quality. It's a passion that runs as deep as your love for all things luxe. Why? Because you deserve nothing but the finest, and I believe in the beauty of authenticity.

To my beautiful friends in the Jackson, Mississippi metro area, a special invitation awaits. Our store isn't just a place to shop for the best hair extensions and wigs; it's a space where dreams come true, where aspirations are realized. And when you walk through those doors, know that I'm right there beside you, eager to guide you towards the perfect hair extensions and/ or wigs, tailored to your unique essence.

 BBHI isn't just a brand and this journey isn't just about beauty; It's about turning heads, creating memories, and embracing the YOU that's waiting to shine. It's about resilience, determination, and the remarkable symphony that is life. BBHI has undoubtedly become a tribute to the power of dreams and the relentless drive of a woman who's determined to conquer it all.

 So, gorgeous, whether you're a millennial, Gen Z superstar, or just someone looking for that sprinkle of BBHI magic – come sit with us! Get ready to rock yor new 'do, because BBHI is about to make you feel like the hair-flippin', soft life livin', world-conquering queen you were born to be.

 With endless love & gratitude,

Founder & Chief Hair Extensions Guru